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Software Defined Deprecation That Is In Real-Time Sync With Our Marketing And Sales

In the past, keeping our deprecation strategies in sync with our overall product sales and marketing took a full time staff, but in 2019, we now have an automated, API driven software defined deprecation strategy that is in perfect sync, in real-time with our sales and marketing. In the past, we could only flick a switch, when we started marketing a new device, that would inject latency into all of our customers devices--this is a brand new age of connected device sales.

With our new system, we can personalize hardware deprecation scenarios, down to the user, and specific feature. The latest device release is a good example. The 7Z line of our devices allow for faster uploading, and much larger file size, so on all of the 6Z customers, we can actually slow their image uploads, increase error rates, and many more perceived deprecation scenarios, in real-time. The real-time portion, actually syncs these personalized events, with advertising events a user is targeted with. We can tell if a user has seen the new 7Z line commercial on TV or the web, and within 30 minutes, we can execute a deprecation scenario--bringing the pain home.

The operating system for all our devices have this patent pending, Software Defined Deprecation (SDD) layer, which using its APIs connects with the real-time advertising, and marketing layer. For most of a devices life, SDD will not be leveraged, but as soon as sales or marketing efforts kick off, SDD can come into play at the individual level, regional, or specific demographic level. We are still crunching the latest sales figures, and the role SDD has played in generating sales for the 7Z line, but we are confident in Q4 we should be able to achieve 40% conversion rates with customers, purely based upon perceived SDD events.

SDD is no longer a static feature you turn on and off in devices, it is now deeply woven into how we market and sell our Internet connected devices, making earlier concept of planned obsolescence a real-time experience, that we can personalize, target, and implement to optimize our sales. With over 100 devices left in our product catalog, where we can apply the next gen SDD technology, the opportunities for new revenue is unlimited in coming years.